New energy power

Jiangsu Runda New Energy Power Subsidiary was established in 2017. Relying on the financial support of the bank and responding to national calls, the power company has successively developed photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects in Jiangxi, Henan, and Anhui, and has built a number of industrial and commercial and residential roofs in Jiangsu and surrounding areas, winning praise from customers, and establishing a professional focus on Runda Power Power company image.
The company adheres to the needs of customers as its core and provides customers with more professional power operation and maintenance services through a full range of intelligent operation and maintenance methods. At the same time, it provides a full range of comprehensive energy services, including customized operation and maintenance services, professional energy-saving services, Incremental distribution business and microgrid business.

No. 108 Yanxiang Road, Ehu Town, Xishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province

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