· EPC key crossing fortifications

EPS と は な に?

・ イ ・ ・ 仕 入 れ ・ 工 工 进行 ・ 进行 工 し の 総 合 负 の こ 、 で あ り, つ ま り runda, contract content, ど お り に, constraints, contract site inspections, fortifications, site design, project establishment, application, materials, materials entry, inspection, acceptance, etc. You are responsible for the work of the company, and you are responsible for the quality, safety, and performance of the fortification.

EPC features:

Owner's request for high funding, EPC's request for business, fund flow, short time, and owner's request for high technical support.

· EMC contract management

EMC と は な に?

Runda Finance Funds, Construction, Maintenance, Maintenance, and other services provided by the owner, the house ’s rooftop solar power installation, the building ’s ownership, and the proceeds of the facility are all rundas. Owner of the house の レ ン ト materials, electricity, on behalf of Youyu (あ る い は 両 方 と に よ る), the province's revenue is won.

EMC features:

Owner は 无用 に さ れ て い る 屋 上 を 很 に ご 用 す る こ と が で き る. The owner of the income of Runda, the state subsidy of the income of the electronic generation. ま た, プ ロ ジ ェ ク ト の 申 し 込 み に も し 込 み に も し 込 み に も, 経 営 Policy リ ス ク 低下 に も 立 立 て る.

· Financial Finance of Sunlight

Users of Banks and Collaborations, Residents and Industries, and Consumers will provide credits to the EPC Coordination and Solar Energy Loan Payment System.

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